Sunday, September 20, 2009

What do you mean, no massage!!!

Getting a pedicure every other week is one luxury no recession will keep me from. However, I do NOT like people touching my feet.

Around 2pm after spending the morning tending to my sick LSBoy, I decided to get the hell out of this swine flu infested house and get a pedicure. I walked my happy ass about half a mile down the road to the nail salon by my favorite Henry's market. It was the typical greeting, "Pick your color." I sat in the spa chair adjusted the setting and began to slip off into lala land. The lady was working her magic on my feet and just when she was getting ready to lube me up I said, oh no massage please. She said, "WHAT!" She then proceeded to tell every single employee who walked by that i had declined the massage. It was a little annoying to say the least. Whats the big deal? The faster I get my ass out of this chair the faster you can steal someone else's $20 to wash their feet and paint them. After all I realized today that all they really do is wash your feet. I mean can't we all paint our own toes? There is just something refreshing about having someone else do it. Anyway, I don't like massages, i dont have the patience to sit there when it doesnt even feel all that good. So....Miss. nail lady GET THE FUCK OVER IT!

Back to the swine flu house, where everything tastes like Lysol.

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Nichicakes said...

I try to skip the massagy part too! Unless the tech is pretty ruff about it, it just fricken tickles.