Friday, November 6, 2009

About that...

I never did come back and fill you all in on the psychic reading I had not too long ago. Well the thing is ...that my friend Disney went to the same psychic and guess what---SHE GOT THE SAME READING V E R B A T U M!!

Go ahead, laugh, tell me I'm retarded, I already know. So I thought of her questions and tried to put them together and thought I might try a science experiment and ask other people the same kind of questions. I could see how hard it would be to guess. Then I read this article which confirmed my suspicions.

The very first statement Miss Cleo said was, "You will be getting a new job soon." Ok well considering the unemployment rate in my county is like 11%, chances are I am either in fear of losing my job or unemployed. That is just one of the many brilliant ways she tricked me into thinking she might have really known what was going on.

So that pretty much sucked but at least I don't have to worry about LSBoy not taking me seriously because that was mere speculation.

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