Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Obscure and sort of Ethnic Binge

Civ Pro final this Friday, am I ready? Absolutely not. I am in worse shape than ever before in the law school exam preparation race. Why? Because Id rather do other important things, like blog. So I got all kinds of weird cravings today and I went for it.

The day began with a large Pan Dulce, then off to work. At work I had two diet cokes, a peanut butter cookie, half of a Vietnamese wrap and ginger sauce, then I had Jalapeno Chicken at a Chinese spot. Once I got home I had the old time favorite: cheeze its and a beer. Just a few minutes ago I went to Henry's to pick up some food for LSBoys lunch and I got the following for myself:

Vegetarian stuffed grape leaves
Chili lime dried mango pieces
Chicken salad
Sharp cheddar cheese
and MOCHI they had MOCHI!!!!

Now I will have another beer and get back to studying. The end.

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Nichicakes said...

OMG how is your stomach today!