Wednesday, December 16, 2009


WHY....WHY is it that my freaking family always bugs the hell out of me during finals. I have one more gawd damn final tomorrow. My patience is thin, very, very thin. So when i have a million missed calls from grandpa, dad and all the rest--- I want to kill them. WHAT DONT THEY UNDERSTAND! I can not talk on the phone, there will be no technical support for grandpa and no marital advice for Dad! Leave me alone!!!!!! My grampa has been struggling with Craigs list for god knows how long even though I typed him STEP BY STEP instructions. His new favorite hobby is selling his junk online. But the guy can't remember how to do it to save his life. Oh lets not forget about the email from the "FBI" letting him know that he just won 15 million dollars, which was being kept in an account in Nigeria for him. He would NOT believe me that it was a scam and he responded to the fucking dude. So I had to go to the FBI website and find the form explaining exactly what these Nigerians were up to and forward it to him. I told him to read thru each form so he knows which emails are spam. I digress.

One more final tomorrow. Then guess what? I will still be unavailable because I will be suffering from the inevitable law school final hangover, not alcohol induced but knowledge overload induced. LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!

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Mike said...

Wow, you sound just like my daughter who is in her 3rd year there in DC. When someone says they need space, people should listen. I am fortunately technically savy and now follow her fb and tweets. When she wants to talk, she calls me and I always answer. Her mom on the other hand, well, that's another story. Sorry to hear about the TW situation, been there myself too many times, sigh.