Friday, January 29, 2010

Dating in Law School

DON'T DO IT! Fortunately, or unfortunately....I fell in love with one of my classmates. I remember it all to well. I remember him from orientation. He was staring at me, strangely and I felt a little nervous. Who is that guy and WHY is he looking at me like that. He will vehemently deny this by the way. Then I get to class and surprise he is in my smalllllll section sitting two people away from me. Again he kept sneaking peeks at me for a week or so before he moved his seat. He still denys this but I remember thinking WTF are you looking at!!!

Plus of course I was scoping out the class for any potentials...Its human nature, I was a single girl and had a plan to marry a lawyer. I thought he was attractive but never really put any thought into it. I loved the attention I got in class because I was one of four girls in the whole section all of whom were either married or unattractive. I was the princess and I ate it up.

Then finals came and me and the strange boy who stares ended up in a study group together. I still didnt really think anything of him other than he was brilliant. I even remember him coming in one day wearing some cute jeans and thinking hmmm he has a really cute ass. But again it didnt go any further than that. We got to know each other slowly and learned that we had the same dark sense of humor and his arrogance intrigued me. Somehow we ended up texting each other ALOT about random shit it was a friendship building.

Valentines day last year my girlfriend and I went out and TORE IT UP!!! The next day I was laying in bed hungover as all hell and LSBoy started texting me. I was still kinda drunk (I think) and the text messages turned into innuendo. Next thing I know we have a date and the rest is history.

I went from a total library nerd competing for grades and totally consumed with my grades into a love sick psycho. I was lucky enough to fall in love but I can't help but wonder how my law school experience would be different had I not crossed that line. My grades would undoubtedly be better. I think being in a relationship during law school is taxing. I wouldn't do it again. If lsboy and I broke up (god forbid) I wouldnt date again in law school. I can't even imagine how people with families and kids manage. My relationship is unique because Im with someone who understands what I am going through but the bad thing is now I have someone who makes me feel ok about slacking because he wants to also.

Moral of the story....TRY not to date in law school keep focused on the task at hand. Its not worth it to be all consumed and dealing with the roller coaster of dating. Thats all....


Anonymous said...

I don't think relationships are all that bad. Just like married people live longer, a good--good being key--relationship can help level the law school keel.

JD-Maybe said...

i think to an extent the dating experience is different for guys and girls. girls can't function when they are first falling in consumes them and drives them insane. Men are more rational and level headed. Just my opinion. But hello idwsj!! Hope you are having a terrific second semester.