Sunday, January 10, 2010


Diaper wipes. I keep seeing them in everyone's bathrooms lately. The question I have is do you use these wet things instead of toilet paper, before toilet paper, or after toilet paper because I find that they leave your ass uncomfortably moist and therefore I will not be switching anytime soon. Unless you can share your wisdom with me and make it seem a little less disgusting?


je said...

lol... whose bathrooms are you hanging out in?? the muppet babies? never seen diaper wipes in a bathroom, though i admit i'm intruiged by the concept. pls update with proper use of wipes...

Nichicakes said...

hehehe were you at ee & mikes?

use a combo of both so you dont have a wet ass after wards.

Angie said...

Usually the ones I see in homes are called "toilet wipes" and they are smaller than diaper wipes.
But I digress - You are missing out, my friend! I too was skeptical a few years back when I saw these at my BFF's house. But she explained it is for those times when you've had a particularly rough outing in there. You feel soo much more fresh after than you could w/ TP alone!

Now, for me - I got hooked when I heard someone say - just once take the test, wipe until you are confident you are clean, then wipe one more time - 9 times out of 10 there is still more to get! :(
With the wet wipes - you feel MUCH more clean afterwards!
So buy some wipes already - you won't regret it!! Do it especially for your man-friend! :) Guys are vile in there - they need it WAY more than us!! :)

JD-Maybe said...

maybe i'll think about it lol!