Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Strings Attached

As usual I am a walking contradiction. At my core I crave stability, i want to plant roots, have a favorite grocery store, know the people at the local liquor store (just kidding) but seriously I want to be comfortable and familiar.

On the other hand I have this POWERFUL urge to throw out all my belongings. Old books, and other shit I have managed to salvage through my annual or semi annual relocations. I think it would be liberating to have no strings, no things to cling to, no memories, and no more heavy boxes to move.

Then I think don't those things bring me any joy or comfort? I have to say no because they have all been in boxes for a year. Last Jan i moved in with a highschool friend closer to the Law school. I stayed there for six months then moved in with my boyfriend and have never unpacked. So since I havent seen these things in about a year why not toss them? Will it make me feel more empty or free? I'm scared to find out.


Nichicakes said...

so the hubs is a pack rat and i get some weird comfort in cleaning things out and making things tidy and orderly and simple... when we moved to our new house i threw out a lot of things i was holding on to because they were gifts from someone, but i know i was only holding on to the items for them not for me. it was a relief to get rid of the extra baggage so to speak.

JD-Maybe said...

by the way my personal belongings at this time consist of about 5 plastic containers and one of them is sheets and blankets, one is books and the other three are trinkets and photo albums. So Im pretty bare as it is but I kinda want to have nothing at all....It feels kind of sadistic in a way.

B said...

I don't think its sadistic at all. There is something to be said of being free from all that stuff. Have you considered just taking a picture of the stuff that is important to you so you will have the memory of having it but don't necessarily have to physically keep it? I don't personally do that but know of it working for others. My trick is to just throw it in the Goodwill pile and just get rid of it. To me, it's like ripping off a bandaid, and I usually don't end up missing it at all.