Monday, February 15, 2010

on love by one of my best guy friends...

"I heard something very intersting on the Jesus Christ show 11:25 AM

Sundays mornings KFI I think 6 or 7am to 9am 11:25 AM

really wierd 11:25 AM

but he was talking about love 11:25 AM

and how love now a days is what do I get out of it 11:25 AM

and is it fair 11:25 AM

then he described the relationship between a human and a pet 11:26 AM

how people think that dogs are serverants 11:26 AM

but really u are a servant to your pet 11:26 AM

you feed them 11:26 AM

walk them 11:26 AM

pet them 11:26 AM

play with them 11:26 AM

and ask nothing in return 11:26 AM

we just love them 11:26 AM

and they love us back 11:26 AM

its a two way servant relationship 11:26 AM

where nothing is really expected 11:26 AM

and both parties are happy 11:27 AM

That's how love should be 11:27 AM

both should give 100% and expect nothing 11:27 AM

and receive everything 11:27 AM

but its not like that 11:27 AM

i'm not like that 11:27 AM

I give 11:27 AM

but I expect in return and get mad when I don't receive it 11:27 AM

ergo cancelled valentines day 11:27 AM

would I do it all if I knew I would never receive anything in return 11:28 AM

no 11:28 AM

why 11:28 AM

not sure 11:28 AM

it creates resentment 11:28 AM

it creates selfishness 11:28 AM

and people start to with draw from each other and keep score 11:28 AM

almost ties back into Kurshnimarti 11:29 AM

teachings 11:29 AM

if you gave 100% urself 11:29 AM

and asked or expected nothing 11:29 AM

how would he look at you, treat you, love you? 11:29 AM

u never no 11:30 AM

but its scary to think of even going half way their 11:30 AM

but you know it would feel so good if someone loved us that way 11:30 AM

we would be so happy 11:30 AM

and so confident and comfortable 11:30 AM

we would never think of infedility on their par 11:30 AM

t 11:30 AM

I guess the only way to be loved that way is to love that way 11:31 AM

don't think people are made that way 11:31 AM

so then it comes down to negotiation, what are you willing to give to get what you want 11:31 AM

and what are you willing to give up 11:31 AM

not love 11:31 AM

almost like a business negotion of the heart and sole 11:32 AM

and we all want more than we can afford to loose or give up 11:32 AM

ergo the failure of relationships, love and family in our society 11:32 AM

the end 11:32 AM

I hope your reading all of this "

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Anonymous said...

I like it

Although he sounds mildly intoxicated... :>