Sunday, May 30, 2010

Be Real People

Can I ask a really weird question? Why is it that we are trained to think that just because people share the same blood line as us, they take some kind of priority position in our lives. Why do family members get exceptions to rules, why are they allowed to walk all over us and why do we HAVE to forgive them?

With the exception of my sister, I love most of my friends more than my family. Why? Because my family annoys me. I know them the best and they are sometimes not good people. Especially my lil brother. So I choose to stay away from them. I don't feel guilty for not calling to see how people are because you know what...they have my number and can call me too. I'm freaking busy,I work full time, I'm in school, and I don't even have clean laundry so cut me some slack. In those few spare moments I have, like while I'm waiting for the shower to get hot, or sitting at a red light, I'd like quiet. I know, I know, someday ill be on my death bed and ill be looking around and my law school will be nowhere to be found and my bank account will likely be depleted and ill say "gosh i should have loved my family more." WHATEVER.

You know what the problem is? People are afraid to say how they feel, people are afraid to admit that they have ugly thoughts like the one I just shared with you. It makes me sad that people are so brainwashed by society that they can't even be real. Its ok to have bad thoughts we all do and when you acknowledge them you become real not fake and you also become free.

So think about it when you are acting all self righteous like you don't secretly hate girls that are prettier than you (not real hate), or you don't secretly wish your boyfriend treated you the way your best friends boyfriend treats her, or when you hate those see thru white pants the girl with the cheesy ass wears so often. FUCK IT! You are allowed to be a hater if you want, just keep yourself in check and keep it to a manageable level. Dont get me wrong, negativity is poisonous and contagious but once in a while its ok to just say it how it is!


je said...

This is why I like reading your posts. You know how to keep it real!

And btw, I totally agree on your previous post: I feel sorry for girls who say they don't have girlfriends too. Big mistake, ladies.

Eliza said...

I remember the first time I ever told someone the way I feel about my father. It was after I had known this person for a long time, they knew my background. And yet, they could not accept that I didn't want to ever be around my father. Literally, couldn't accept it.

Want to kill any relationship quickly? Tell another person what they are supposed to be feeling. I cut that person out of my life. With people now I just nod and smile, with small tidbits about my family. My husband knows and understands.

Weird, you tend to say things that are hovering in parts of my brain. Love to read your stuff.

JD-Maybe said...

Thanks girls! Sometimes I feel like I might be brash but I just don't care!