Saturday, May 29, 2010


Dissolution of marriage is on my mind 24/7. I started working as a full time law clerk for a pretty well respected Family Law firm in my area. I've been there for almost two months and I already got a $5 raise. I wont tell you what I started at though, you wouldn't believe it. But I believe in eating shit to get places in life. Giving me raises is irresistible, I promise because I KICK ASS!

My hours are 8-5 but really more like 730-6 with a 20 minute lunch. I rush to the court house to file motions ten minutes before hearings. I type letters to nasty, incompetent, social rejects called "opposing counsel" and I laugh all day long at the millions of grammatically incorrect letters ridden with typos.

My office is huge, and the decor is quite charming. I love playing lawyer. Its not work its a job that I love.

The weird part is dealing with my natural empathy towards people in pain and dealing with the anger I feel when people are lying to me, essentially mentally abusing their children, and doing anything they can to get more money and make the other party suffer. Faking disabilities, quitting their jobs, calling the police to monitor child exchange, telling their kids lies, getting new girlfriends or boyfriends who are pushy and try to control the divorce proceedings. I hate them all. Why can't people just separate and be fair about it. Why wouldn't you want your kid with the dad while you are at work? Especially when you probably spent ten years bitching that he never took care of the kids, now he wants to...and even though he's only doing it to piss you off, fuck it! Its free child care.

Why are you asking for more child support when you are wearing $200 jeans AND WHYYYYY would you let an attorney put a lien on your HOME to fight over shit that is worthless? WHY. I cant say this is irrational because we all know that rationality is a matter of doing what is best for you at the time. Its not a judgment call. If you think its right...then its rational. BUT WHY ARE PEOPLE SO EMOTIONAL AND HATEFUL AND DUMB?!?

Sometimes I want to ask them, "do you really think I believe this bullshit? I read the text messages you sent to him/her and ummmm you are pretty much a huge asshole, so no I don't believe anything you say."

Disney says that we are not advocating for what is morally right, we are advocating for what they want.

This is much deeper than it sounds. They are paying you to do something so find a way to do it even if you don't think the chances are good that they will win. That's not intuitive for me. I'm logical but I also have a point where the cost benefit analysis trumps my ability to find an argument for a losing side.

On another note....I'm so glad I'm suffering now instead of later. By the time I graduate I will have written thousands of briefs, motions, points and authorities, stipulations and declarations along with a myriad of other legal duties you don't learn about in law school.

p.s. I still love family law and I vow to be the best EX wife a man could ever have.

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Unknown said...

The benefit... once you have your very own successful firm you can choose your clients. You don't have to advocate for the crazies and you can really help those that need it.