Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Choke me or I'm leaving"

Sometimes at the end of the day all a girl needs is a good ass whoopin in the sac. Or so she said. I have a friend who is a family law practitioner in New York. I spoke to her today about my experience so far working in family law. She decided to tell me about a meeting she had the other day with a client. Her client said she wants to divorce her husband because if its not missionary, he's goes umm how can i say this tactfully, oh never mind I cant--he goes soft.

Her client said she is leaving her husband because he won't choke her. And we all know that is symbolic for a whole bunch of other underlying issues but it made me think. How important is sexual chemistry in a relationship? Is a deal breaker?

I have a very good guy friend who has been in a long term relationship with an ASexual chick. He, on the other hand is a nympho. My friend spends many a frustrating night alone in bed in their spare room dreaming of the days when he got more ass than he could have ever wanted of. Which leads me to wonder is a stable, responsible, financially secure, smart, caring person with ZERO sex drive worth it?

This motivated me to do a little research and apparently every couple has a person with a higher sex drive than the other. How horrible is that?

Anyway, I don't have an answer to any of this because I don't personally like being choked and well I just don't know. But I would like to know how many people are truly satisfied with their sex life with their significant other. Because like I always say monogamy is NOT natural so maybe this is just more evidence that we are not meant to be with only one person forever.

It's sad but the statistics don't lie....50% of marriages end in divorce and I'm willing to bet the other 50% just came to terms with the fact that perfection doesn't exist.

On another note, my co-worker/partner in crime and I were in a meeting with "The Man" he told her to look up some lady, after he said her name, my co-worker who we will call smooth move said, "Can I find that in forms?" then she said "never mind maybe its not a form but are you speaking latin to me?" It was a person's name and smooth move was truly perplexed and I was laughing so hard I had tears. Guess you had to be there but smooth move is funnier than words...Thank god because among all the sadness that is family law-- is her running her mouth like diarrhea making each and every day a delight.

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Michael said...

hehe.. great post!

Must be tough to work in family law.. the lawyer in you says, go full-on for the divorce and get the fees; the Samaritan in you thinks the client should just get a toy to amuse herself and save the marriage! ;-)

You don't get such troubling issues in commercial law thank God.