Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I can't describe the euphoria I have been experiencing every day. I am exposed to the finest family law attorneys in my area. Smooth move and I have been talking to ANYONE who will listen to us. We have met SOOOOOOOO many attorneys and have made so many contacts. Everyone at the courthouse knows who we are. This is so important. When an opportunity arises these people might think of us, where if they hadnt met us, they wouldnt. Got it? Good.

Anyway, we sneak over to the criminal court rooms at least once a week and today we ran into one of our professors who works for the DA. (booooo) I know. BUT he brought us into the counsel box today and we had front and center seats to the proceedings. ANDDDDD all the DAs flocked around us to offer us gratuitous lessons in the complexities of the penal code. They love us. Oh and so do the convicts btw. Yeah no more cleavage shirts on those days, fucking sick. So in short my life is wonderful and I'm on my way. I even texted my boyfriends (and mine) friend who is a genius in marketing. I told her I would treat her to a day of wine tasting if she coached me and smooth move on the tricks and tips of marketing. Im pretty sure smooth move and I are gonna run this City and soon! FUN STUFF KIDS! In case ur wondering why LSBoy and I are not collaborating, its cuz he's gonna go the JAG route, so thats that.

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