Friday, July 23, 2010

Chubby Chasers

Chubby Chasers

Ok please do not take offense to this if you are not a 90lb "LA Skinny" girl, because I could not be further from that. In fact lately I've been putting on the lbs. This story is about a man, a smaller than average man, who "appears" to be extremely weight conscious for himself and his wife. His tiny little adorable wife is a one of my best friends. She made herself privy to some interesting, yet disturbing information regarding her husbands super secret porn preferences.

I may or may not have inspired one or two gals to investigate their significant others porn by way of a Facebook post that read, "I found an app that shows up as "todo" or some other inconspicuous name but is really a private porn browsing app for men, that is password protected. I am on to you men! haha!"

I thought it was brilliant and hilarious. I don't care about porn it doesn't bother me....anymore. It doesn't really strike my fancy but it doesnt offend or threaten me either. My boyfriend is free to lock himself in the bathroom any time he wants. ;)

Anyway, shortly after my facebook post (and this could be a coincidence) my girl friend forwarded the most horrifying pictures she found in her husbands regular porn rotation. These pictures were viceral to say the least. Big women, with huge bologne nippels and meat curtains and big red pookies. MY FUCKING GOD.

So the question is WHAT THE FUCK! Is he putting up a front by preparing SALAD five to six days a week, and be ridiculously into staying thin and making sure his beautiful wife stays thin but secretly wanting something with a little, or a lot of meat on their bones?

Do men look at porn that comports with their real life taste in women? Does he really truly want his wife thin or does he just do that for the whole perfect appearance to others thing?

I am THOROUGHLY confused. I once had a white boyfriend whose porn collection was only black chicks taking it in the ass. Him and I had never done that so I began to believe that he wasn't really happy with my "tight white ass." Whats the deal fellas?


Anonymous said...

Odd - but why not just ask the guys in question about it? They might be forthcoming!

je said...

Hm. I too am interested in hearing from some men on this... This reminds me of the book Jemima J, which was about a similar situation.