Friday, December 17, 2010


Some how I managed to talk LSBoy and his Mom and family to go to Hawaii for Christmas. Of the group of us I am the only beach person. This presents some potential complications. Here is my vision:

Put bathing suit on, open all windows in hotel room, go to bar, eat, shop, sleep in, wake up lay on the beach--do nothing at all except maybe indulge in some leisure reading, or maybe just stare out into the ocean, swim, sleep on the beach, grab a drink, eat, sleep on beach, and just B.E.

The group I am traveling with have proven themselves to be low maintenance, easy going, fun people but NOT beach people. I just can't imagine LSBoys mom lounging and doing nothing at all. It's not her. And LSBoy well it's not him either.

But I'm not too worried because just being in paradise is enough for me.

My boss of three weeks now gave me a Christmas bonus! So sweet she really didn't have to do that but I appreciated it.

Here's to Christmas vacation---cheers!

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