Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Last Year Blues

School just doesn't have the same draw that it used to. I was so enthusiastic and eager and happy in the beginning and now I beg Law School Boy every single day to ditch. Of course he won't allow me to but I try e v e r y single day.

Next semester I am taking Community Property, Family Law, Law school practicum and Wills and Trusts...that load I am looking forward to. Being that I have been working in family law for over a year now---There will be no excuse for anything less than stellar this semester.

It's a good feeling to have direction with regard to my future. People are serious now when they say "what are of law will you practice?" AND I have an answer! I will practice family law and I can not wait!

Now for babies and wedding rings...ugh! I am so torn. Law School Boy and I are making big plans without dealing with those two minor details. I am torn between thinking we can't move forward with these plans (that are already in process) without making it legal and my DESPERATE fear of marriage. I don't believe in it and I am scared to death of it. BUT I do think it would be cool to have his last name when we graduate that way we can walk together--side by side.

Who knows....what will be will be for now I shall study!


Michael said...

Re. marriage - oh go for it... what's the worst that than happen? ;-)

... actually, don't answer that!

Rachael Parker said...

HOe do you plan on going into family law if family is what scares you most?

Food for thought!

JD-Maybe said...

Rachel, irony that is all I can say