Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Self Destructive Behavior--Does Reading Count?

Do you think a trip to Barnes n' Noble e v e r y single day is problematic? I am on my 6th break up book. Certainly I am almost over it, right? Maybe, because I am getting sick of myself. The problem is that I still have one more adjustment to make it through. I am currently staying with my friend and I will be moving in with my old roommate on the 1st. Scary.

String cheese lasts forever,right? I hope so, and I guess we will find out cuz thats all the bff has in the fridge, that and a budlight. Should cure my insomnia. Feeling drained but can't sleep. So the dryer has been going since I got home from school at 8pm around 9 I started to wonder why the dryer was still running. Finally, at 11:49 pm I decided to do what any reasonable freeloader in the same or similar circumstances would do, and investigate. Because this morning when I tried to dry the wrinkles out of my slacks for work I couldn't get the dryer to turn on to save my life. Went to work wrinkled so what--I have like a 2 week free pass to be a total slob, emotional, irrational, crazy biatch. I digress. I opened the dryer and found it FULL of clothes, not just any clothes but EVERY single color tank that EXPRESS has ever sold. WTF! She has sooooooooooooooo many tank tops. Whatever easy to fold. Maybe she had the dryer on so the clothes wouldnt wrinkle but man I folded the shit out of those tanks, she is solid and I also ate the shit out of that string cheese.

My goal right now is to set up a sanctuary in my new home. Specifically, my bed. I want a feather bed, I want a cashmere comforter, ok maybe not cashmere but I want the softest, warmest, most comfortable bed and pillows on the market. I never slept good at my ex's, he was always cold and I was suffocating, the bed was not soft and he always stole the covers. This shit is no joke, I'm ready to put myself in debt over this. Ok, I won't go that far but believe this...I will be hitting up every home goods, and all those other linen outlet type places. If you have any ideas, I'd be grateful.

Cheers gonna drink this beer in one sip and hopefully sleep.

p.s. I still miss u qp but this is what is best :(


T.P. said...

I am sorry to hear what you're going through.

As for the bed, I am a big bed person and Damask Stripes 500 Ct Charter Club sheets and duvet cover will make your life 100% more comfortable. The problem is you might never want to get out of bed.

JD-Maybe said...

Thank you T.P. :)

Nichicakes said...

This may be excessive but we 1000 thread count sheets (I dont even know if thats for real but it said so on the package) now every other sheets I ever have to sleep on suck the big one and feel like burlap sacks. Anyhoo 1000 threadcount sheets rule!

Cowgirl in the City said...

that stinks! sorry to hear about it, but hope the books, string cheese, and beer help. And I completely agree with you about the big bed and cuddly comforter.