Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Almost Gym Rat Status

Just need to get on board with the weight training. I can't seem to muster up the motivation to hit the weights. It's boring, and can be a spectacle if you do not know what you are doing. I did however find a very helpful book called The Body Sculpting Bible for Women

I have not weighed myself in almost two weeks because it is just too much of a bummer when the scale hasn't moved. My body feels stronger. My gym wardrobe has been updated and I am sleeping like a baby. So hey law nerds tell me the COA for this: Dude at gym takes pictures of girl doing the butt blaster at the gym. Girl catches creepy dude and reports it. Gym calls the cops. (this really happened today) WHAT RESULT? I was super proud that I was able to easily rationalize the analysis on this. I am curious to see what you all say. I'll post the analysis by the end of the week. It's brief but maybe I missed something, so fill me in.

Regarding Dating: well I dabbled in an online dating website for about 4 days and it was OVERWHELMING!! Wow! So many men, so many red flags, so little patience for the creepiness! D E L E T E!! No thanks.

Just dealing with the upcoming bar study/taking financial blues. This shit is no joke: $4k for Barbri, almost $800 for the bar, $150 to graduate...Other than that all is good over here in JDMaybe land!

One more law dork question, do any of you Lawyer or Law Student bloggers feel the overwhelming urge to add numbers to the left of your post and a caption and then do you want with all of your heart to justify the whole thing? Maybe there is a way to do all this?

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