Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I'm not content often. My ideas and thought processes are way too complex and I can make a problem fifty times more difficult then necessary. I briefed a "battle of the forms" case in Sales today and to add to the complexity of the case it was an MSJ and a counter MSJ. The holding wasn't about the courts analysis of 2-207 it was a denial of the MSJ's. (poor casebook editing) So when the teacher said, "What does the court think?" I said, the court thinks that there are issues of material fact and he denied their respective MSJ's. Teacher wasn't satisfied but that was the truth! The court didn't decide the merits of the case right then and there--It wasn't a trial, it was an MSJ!? Am I wrong?

My friend said I need to "watch more simple programs on TV" and "Read more simple things." WHY? SO I CAN IMAGINE HOW MUCH HARDER I CAN MAKE THEM? Teachers often comment on my exams "creative argument." This means that I don't think like normal people do, which I already knew. My fear is that this disability is going to cause me to fail the bar. How can I train my mind to "get to the point"-- as it were?

Anyway, my new routine is becoming familiar and fun- work, school, gym. It's a lot of things to do in one day. At the end of it all I find myself up late at night trying to unwind. I prefer this over sitting alone thinking up ways to be miserable!

The Yoga instructor at the gym today was a real Yogi. She ended the workout with guided meditation. It went like this: Picture a picture frame in your mind, now put the most irritating person you know in it and wish them love, joy, peace, etc. Then put the person you love unconditionally in the frame, repeat, next put your own face and repeat. Very sweet. And so there you have it--I'm feeling content right this minute. Since this minute is all that counts, I'm doing well. N A M A S T E <3

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