Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Date with a "Nice Guy"

No one on the earth knew where I was going on Sunday night. What they did notice was that I looked damn good! As good as I get anyway. I didn't talk about the boy or the date for two reasons: (1) it just didn't occur to me because I really wasn't into it and (2) I'm not comfortable about dating yet. It has been about 4-5 months since LSBoy and I broke up and there is absolutely no chance of reconciliation but I still feel weird about dating. And believe me he probably has a few suckers on rotation, he probably had it lined up the next day to be perfectly honest. You know how them robots work.

Anyway, I go into the restaurant to meet him, we will call him Benz, because that is my favorite thing about him, he has a cute car! Anyway, here is the other thing---he is black! WOOOP! I have never dated a black guy and not for any particular reason, I just haven't. It's been on the bucket list. But he is also half philipino so it's not entirely going to fulfill the black guy bucketlist goal. Benzie was very handsome, well spoken, mild mannered, and we talked for hours.

After dinner he asked me if I wanted to go for a walk, or a drive, or...? I don't know what the hell he was thinking. A walk in the parking lot or what? So, I politely declined. I'm just not interested in dating--period. After the date, I got the mandatory after date text: "Had a great time cutie (insert gay smiley face) cant wait to see you again." I replied: " :) " Next night I get, "Good night Cutie (insert gay smiley face)" I reply, " ;)" Today I get "when's a good time to call you." FINALLY I SAY: Look, you are an attractive, nice, smart guy but if you are looking for a girlfriend do NOT waste your time on me." (aka an invite for a "friend with benefit?") Maybe...Well he replied: "Are you available Weds?" Me: wtf NO!

After a few failed attempts at coordinating date #2- he invited me to his house on Sunday to "watch movies and cook me dinner." I suggested we go play golf, thinking I could kill two birds with one golf and maybe think about interviewing him as a possible fake boyfriend. I don't have "friends with benefits" I have "fake boyfriends." It's a mutual understanding, we are madly in love while hanging out but then I wont return their calls for weeks. We attend weddings, go christmas shopping, play house, all that good stuff but with no emotional ties.

I haven't quite determined if I have room in my world to be aggravated by a possible girly man. But he did have a nice car, good body, and good conversation. The sad thing is I couldn't even tell you what kind of shoes he was wearing, that is how uninterested I was. He did have on a huge goddy movado watch which I did not like. He commented on my mannerisms, which I found weird. He would say, I like how you hold your cup like that...strange. On a good note he remarked on my beauty at least twice--that is always good for the massive ego that I have... We will see.

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