Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pregnant Women Nest and so do Pre Bar Exam Takers

There is this "thing" that I hope to NEVER experience, whereby a woman, in anticipation of a new child begins to psychotically clean and arrange and plan for the new baby. It's an overwhelming urge for order that drives people insane. Well, I'm nesting in preparation for my leave of absence from work. This includes organizing, cleaning, and sending millions of emails to make sure everyone is aware of what is going on with everything!

There are several things going on right now at work. Number one I'm training a 2L to do my job this summer while I prepare for the Bar exam, Number two I am training a Paralegal who may end up taking the 2L's position if she doesn't speed up her progress. To me this is a godsend to any future attorney. I share all my secrets! And I have a million tricks to get what I want, when I need it, from ANYONE! So, if I were them I would listen to me when I lecture about how shit has to be done.

Tonight I worked a 12 hour day, and the last 2 hours of it I was cleaning up my files, organizing, making notes, finishing up loose ends all in preparation for my LAST DAY of work---May 1st! Yes, it is only February 16th but why wait....I want to leave and it be easy for my co workers to pick up where I left off. Most importantly I want to come back, AS AN ATTORNEY, and have my shit how I left it. It was a lot of work but tomorrow will be easy breezy!

It's not really working out the way I had planned. Not everyone has this wonderful virtuous trait of INITIATIVE. It is the single most important skill an aspiring attorney must have. People will NOT spoon feed you ANYTHING. You just have to figure shit out! Bottom line, figure it out---somehow, someway, figure the shit out! ON your own time! Sounds brutal, but that is the difference between myself, who has a job lined up, and those who will meander for months or years begging for work.

"Success comes from taking initiative and following up…. persisting… eloquently expressing the depth of your love. What simple action could you take today to produce a new momentum toward success in your life?" Persistence open many doors, so keep the momentum, push onward and the upward will come."

Source: via Jay on Pinterest

Here is where I tell you I walked in the snow up hill both ways to school barefoot. The reason that story was repeated over and over throughout time is because there is nothing more frustrating to a person who actually is diligent, and driven and has initiative than trying to impress upon a non interested individual how very vital these characteristics are to success. Especially in a world where jobs are far and few in between and where standing out is nearly impossible. I think to myself, I can mentor you and I have learned some valuable shit along the way. Instead you stare at me with those deer in the headlight blank eyeballs and forget everything I say in two seconds. I guess you just have to really, really, really, want something to be passionate about learning it and mastering it. I also guess it's dumb to believe that most people are naturally this way. And then on the positive side, at least since I do have these attributes I will always be employed. I encourage you lost souls to find your passion, live it, love it, master it and share it with the world. People will admire you, and respect you, and you will inspire others to step outside of their comfort zones and experience life.

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