Thursday, May 31, 2012

"50 Shades of Fucked Up" --Barbri and young love

Yes, I climbed on the bandwagon with the 50 shades trilogy and I must say I was not disappointed. When all you read is law and cases and the news---- it is SO refreshing to read nonsense. Like the critics say, it is no literary masterpiece; but it is enough to escape the real world. If you have ever been controlled by a man and you are not typically one to be controlled by anyone, you can relate to Ana in this book.

Your Welcome :)

I almost started with : "Here,....Therefore,..." Fucking barbri.

Anyway, a man can trick you into thinking his control over you is love. It is flattering to have someone know where you are at all times and make sure you are making "good decisions" or decisions that comport with their understanding of "how things should be." After a while the control is tiring, exhausting, and just flat out intolerable.

Barbri: Well....I have not fallen behind, in fact I am slightly ahead. I feel like the plan is effective, we have gone thru torts, con law and crim law and I feel good about what I have learned. I turned in an essay for grading and upon receipt of the grade and review I discovered i failed to put a clear concise rule statement on anything. And I did not even try to answer the second part of the call. Needless to say, they gave me 40 of 100 points. LOL! I've experimented with study locations, study time frames, and methods. This is only week two but I think I know what to do. (1) pay close attention to what barbri says about frequently tested areas such as negligence, strict liability, personal rights etc. I am not memorizing yet but I have done hundreds of MBE questions and about 10 essays. I think at this point I have a super good chance of passing the MBE and the PT tests but the essays I def. need to work on.

My young lover, who I will now refer to as the "Party Animal" contacted me. He told me he wanted me to listen to some ridiculous boy band song called "Please dont go." Stupid. I told him to listen to "Quickie" by Miguel

He may be a pathological liar....the dumb shit he says to me has never been said to me THIS FAST. "You would make a very good girlfriend." "Who are you with, are you seeing people now?" NO CHILD I am studying for the BarExam--I am not getting enough exercise so if you think you could help out with that then come on down...Otherwise, please take your bad grades, bad fashion sense, and jealous reactions and shove them up your cute ass. Thank you!

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