Monday, July 2, 2012

Fake it Till you Make It!

I finally made my way home, to the place where my bed is. Actually it is not my bed but it is the bed I usually sleep in. My stuff is here though. I thought I wanted to live with my sister but I don't think I do after all. Not that I had an epiphany but I did get so sick of my pity party that I decided to attack this issue at a fundamental level.

My roommate/landlord/brother from another mother is working tonight. That means tonight is girl night for me. Gonna clean this god forsaken bedroom of mine, and fix my damn self. Paint my toes--and just groom myself. Tomorrow is day one of the fake it till you make it challenge. These are my goals to a happier self:

1. Pretend like I have a job because I kinda do...I'm doing contract work for several attorney's but I have not hunkered down and like put together a marketing plan etc. I have at least $1,000 worth of work to do. I haven't started it because I keep saying to myself, "I need a desk and an office first." Bullshit.

2. Go to the fucking gym and rock out like the old days

3. Grocery shop on a budget

4. Get my bills consolidated

5. Leave LSBoy and the Party Animal alone! I don't need them! They don't help!

6. Learn to live like normal people

Seems easy enough right? That's what you think. To me it's crazy hard.

1 comment:

Paragon2Pieces said...

good luck! you. can. do. it.

(but i'm not sure if i could.)