Sunday, July 8, 2012



I happened to run across this book called "Falling for Me: How I hung Curtains, Learned to Cook, Traveled to Sevile, and Fell in Love"

This is a girl after my own heart. She picked up the good old classic 1960's book Sex and the Single Girl for guideance.

Although, the advice given in this book may seem antiquated---and may even offend the modern day feminist (which I am not) to me this book is my inner thoughts and feelings and philosophy in writing. I should have known I did not invent this shit. It's a kind of feminism that embraces societies view points but at the same time tricks the world into believing they are right when in fact---we, women have the one up.

I've always said, "If you can't beat them....join them." It's a man's world--well fine then use the female gifts given to you by god to seduce the men into letting you into their world. Then dominate it. And if you are pretty or sexy and charming....they. will. let. you! Surprise!!!

I've frequently worked in all male environments and I've always thrived...why? Because I play the game, get super good at it and win! That is why. So, on the dating tip I have decided to follow the guidelines so eloquently laid out by Ms. David to master the art of embracing this single girls life and dominating it.

There is talk of learning how to cook, always looking pretty, and living like an adult and not a college girl. That seems easy enough. I think the trap lies in the mentality that many girls have: "I'll wait to buy that fine china until I'm settled down." I admit, I have not purchased many things, like nice furniture in the belief that I will do it when I'm settled down. Well guess what? I'm 33 and not getting any younger so I will fucking buy the nice shit---FOR ME! And I'm going to learn to cook because I love to eat, I love fine dining, I love healthy eating and I love food. So learning to cook would not be a farce for me it would be learning to do something that I actually WANT to learn. The bonus of learning how to cook is being able to contribute or offer a deserving man a good home cooked meal. LSBoy did all the cooking, and he did a fantastic job. I was always delighted by his creativity and the taste of his imaginative creations never disappointed. I took many pictures of the meals he made for me. But he is my past and now I need to please myself with beautiful culinary masterpieces. Ok...maybe not masterpieces but at least healthy and colorful meals. Which, I would enjoy immensely.

I'll be a sexy, educated, non housewife that knows how to cook and iron a shirt! And he will be a strong, educated man who knows how to fix my car!

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