Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Love Hate with Oprah Winfrey

Back in the 80's 90's and early 2000 "Oprah Winfrey" indoctrinated the masses with her gimmicky "feel good" episodes. All "housewives" around America were fixated on every word out of that woman's mouth. That made me mad. I am anti Kool Aid drinking! Anyone who has that much influence over that many people scares me! Additionally, it paints a sad picture of "American women", don't they have a mind of their own? For many years I was anti "Oprah" but suddenly she has captured my heart.

You see, she was always on a mission for self-fulfillment or spiritual growth but she didn't have the tools or teachers readily available to her. Now with all the great spiritual teachers becoming so "main stream," Oprah is able to share with the world the teachings of respectable spiritual and personal growth academics. I'm going to be brave and say that I discovered Ekhart Tolle, and Depak Chopra, and Wayne Dyer before she ever put them on her show. So when she did begin to express her interest/fascination with their teachings I was skeptical. Now it seems like she has made great strides toward finding what she has always been searching for- SOUL FOOD! And good for her! Now I watch her show Soulful Sunday and I am always pleased! Instead of trying to indoctrinate people with HER words she invites intellects from all walks of life to tell you how and why they have adopted the belief systems and life coping mechanisms they have chosen.

I am sure Oprah will be pleased that I finally approve....right? Probably not! But if you love soul food and you are always looking for a way to transcend the bullshit that is "life" you should check her out. Peace, happiness, love, light are all there and there are many brilliant teachers for all types of learners! Do it! Life is too short to be miserable, believe me I know!

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