Saturday, December 1, 2012

In Memoriam by JFP Jr.

I just wanted to say that our Gma was a great woman and she lived a wonderful life. She was incredibly strong, faithful, and loving. Her drive would scare me sometimes, it was as if she didn't know her own limitations, or at least what I expected her limitations to be. It taught me that limitations or presumed handicaps are bullshit. Keep moving. She always proved me wrong with her strength and willingness to keep on moving. Keep on working. She was just diligent in everything she did.

We would visit her a few times throughout ever year when we were younger. She would play skipbo, often cheating to win, with us and build puzzles all night. We went to garage sells where she discovered unknown treasures by the bundles. She was always down for a good breakfast after a long morning of garage sales, which was always the best part for me ;) We would get home and garden or hang out for the rest of the day. High scores on tetris were a must if you wanted a shot at playing with her. These are a few of my memories. She was fun, lighthearted, and had a great spirit. Her spirit is a spirit that will always live on.

Her travels were far and wide, she saw tons of great things and traveled to incredible places. She made the most of her life. She accomplished what she wanted to accomplish. From children who succeeded, to grandchildren who also succeeded, to great grand children who will one day succeed as well.

We all have our own cherished moments and memories with her. She will forever live on in our hearts and minds. Her passing isn't to be a sad moment, but a celebration of her life. A celebration of the positive energy, love, and faith that she brought to this earth. The love that she had for all of us.

I love all of you guys and if you need to yell at me, I promise to shut up and listen for once. Remember she lived a very complete life and it ended very peacefully. Like Liz said, she wasn't in pain and now she is absolutely pain free.
Love your Son/Little Bro

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