Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bar Study Update

Tomorrow is day 14. We have covered Evidence, Crimes, Criminal Procedure, Constitutional Law, and Torts.

So far I have kept a steady study schedule. I do not watch the lectures with the other students because LSBoy is in that class and so is the whore bag that is gonna get my fist in her big teeth. My decision to avoid that unnecessary distraction has paid off. Threats of blind rage are no longer an issue.

On a positive note: LSBoy has shown a tenacity and drive that I did not know he possessed. At least not for things not directly related to his personal interests. The law not being one of those. He studies diligently for 8 or more hours. I know this because his car is frequently in the parking lot when I leave for the day and I do no less than 8 hours a day. Today we talked it was pleasant and platonic. That was nice. Plus he brought me food! His mother is an amazing cook. I hope and pray his hard work pays off.

My understanding or comprehension of the material seems to be average. Sometimes below average. The sheer volume of information I need to retain is indescribable.

I took half of Friday and Saturday off last week. Which I regret. Sunday I went to LA and studied with my friend Disney. That was productive and therapeutic. Disney is brilliant and business savy. Her and I intend to do amazing things together. Plus I love LA. The air is better there.

All in all, everything is just ok and that is better than what I expected.

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