Sunday, April 21, 2013

Post Bar Exam Pre Bar Results

where are we now?

Well, I don't know where everyone else is because we have not maintained contact. It's like a group of people who you suffered immeasurable boredom and pain with and being around them only reminds you of the pain. Some call it PTSD.

Where am I?

Well, lets see...

I moved into my own apartment finally! April 6, 2013 was supposed to be the happiest day I've had in a long time. Instead it was a fucking nightmare. My first apartment was facing a parking lot and the south. That means I was exposed to the afternoon sun all day long. It also meant that I was facing an ominous looking parking lot. Most traumatically I was faced with...roaches.

Don't judge, it's like lice, I didn't bring them nor have I ever been exposed to them. Therefore, I had no idea how to deal with them. I purchased 100 traps, boric acid and spent hours researching them. For one entire week I complained every single day and forwarded pictures of the monsters. The complex management had my apartment sprayed twice and they still would not subside. Finally, on Sunday April 14, 2013 I sent an email stating that I was moving the fuck out Monday!

Management called me and offered me a new apartment. I reluctantly went to see it and it was beautiful. An amazing view with now neighbors across from me. I accepted their offer and now I am in heaven.

About the bar exam...what a weird transition. From student to bar exam applicant to almost lawyer still law clerk bitch. It's like you know a lot but not enough and most importantly you do not have a license.

Each night I daydream about how this could go bad and good. It causes me a great deal of anxiety. I can't imagine having to study for this fucking thing again! But alas I have a peaceful living environment.

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