Tuesday, May 21, 2013

un-Lucky No. 34

I was the proud recipient of the California Bar Exam Score Card. This girl made it to a re-read, which is amazing by the way. If you fail there are two perspectives:

I hope I failed by a lot that way I know my hard work was not wasted, I have a serious defect. OR I hope I failed by a little because that means I have some minor tweaking to do and then I will pass.

I am of the latter group. I failed by 34 mother-fucking points! I could not be happier. My ex failed by 55 points and he had his score before mine. I was so proud of him! So imagine how I feel about me? Super duper proud. Yes, I failed but BARELY! This girl is ready to hit the ground running with fortitude and tenacity this gawdforesaken bullshit exam has never seen. Ok, little dramatic but that's me!

My stomach instantly stopped hurting! What a relief, I just need to practice, practice, practice. The task feels so much more manageable now.

Ahhhhh. Sleep is calling me, thank god.

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