Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nip it in the Butt

Spending the day listening to people tell you their deepest, darkest, most shameful secrets? That is Family Law for you. Add a twist of Criminal Law and you have Jerry Springer- live, every.single.day.

Today, I spent two hours listening to a criminal describe play-by-play how he/she perpetrated a heinous crime against children. At one point I requested to excuse myself and my boss blurted out: 'Why are you going to puke?' (Right in front of the criminal/client) That is how disturbing the details were but really I just had to pee. I could tell my boss, the 25 year veteran, was also disturbed because he made like 4 Fruedian slips. The criminal said, "I wanna nip this thing in the butt." My boss replied, "You mean bud? You really shouldn't nip anything else in the butt." It took all my will power to not crack up laughing--coping mechanism? Maybe.

This world is a sick, sick place.


Michael said...

I remember in law school that one girl commented to the class she only studied law because she was so nosey and loved the details of the juicy cases!

And cases don't get juicier than family law (save for criminal law perhaps)...

Anonymous said...

Jesus! I would of laughed too, after I beat the shit outta him first. Then I probably would of thrown up.