Saturday, August 30, 2008

13 hours and counting

Thats how many hours Ive spent studying since yesterday. Im done for now. Please review what I am doing and advise......Im begging you. And don't laugh at me!!

1. Reading cases 1x briefly
2. Re-Reading and Briefing
3. Reading notes and questions
4. Looking up cases referenced in notes on Westlaw and copy past summaries on brief.

What Im thinking I need to do...

1. Synthasize cases read so far
2. prepare flash cards for terms I dont have memorized yet
3. prepare flash cards for black letter law
4. find a fucking study group
5. find something to do for the rest of the night that doesn't involve partying cuz that will take out tomorrow and I need tomorrow to do my other two classes homework.

Is this wrong? Also, I thought about it yesterday and most of the advice I have gotten from law students (none related to this blog or anyother blog) but in person---have come from people who are either barely getting by or doing mediocre. I need some input from the super stars...I know ur out there.........HELP! If you are failing law school or bareley getting by please keep your advice to yourself! You are tainting me. I am impressionable...


K said...

I know that I don't look up the cases in the notes mainly because my professors don't ask about them. I'm doing all the same things you are!

It might just take us a while to streamline this process!

pennypincher said...

Okay advise - Brief your cases. this is very important and I liked to color brief them using different colored highlighters so that when a teacher asked questions I knew at least what color to look for the answer - ex:
issue - pink
rule of law - blue
reasoning - green
holding and facts - yellow
You get the idea. I am not sure about reading other cases mentioned in the cases. I never did this, but it doesn't sound like a bad idea just very time consuming.

The most important thing is to realize how the cases you are reading relate and add to each other. Each rule of law is not a separate rule, they combine with others to form a whole realm of law, ie. torts.

As far as study groups go, I say find one person you really click with. if you get too many people together, each person will have a different way of looking at the topic and too many great minds only lead to intense discussions going NO WHERE.

JD-Maybe said...

thanx girls :)