Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Out with the old In with the New...

Myspace Myspace how I hate you....A forum in which you can be anyone you want to be. A place where you can lose ur inhibitions without one sip of alcohol and god forbid you drank the day before cuz that will be public news also. But in MS land everything goes. Who cares if you are a 12 year old taking half naked pics of urself in the bathroom mirror. Hey and if you are in your 40's its perfectly ok to have your kids friends on your friend list. Its also pretty awesome when you post bulletins that your mom, dad, teachers, co workers, bosses and other people can read, that share explicit details about your favorite sexual position. People should know there are Myspace stalkers who cruise the pages looking at everyones page and watching their next moves. This is just creepy.

Whatever happened to discretion and self respect? Why do people think it is cool to have outrageous photos of themselves available for all to see. Wasn't there a time when you swore your friends to secrecy about your drunk night? Now its cool if your friends snap a shot of you pissing in a bush, puking or making out with randoms!

I must admit I did get sucked into this fake ass world and for too long I might add. Then I had a mini-epiphany in my life--myspace doesn't fit. I don't have time for it and I don't want my personal fuck ups posted for the world to see. A blog is anonymous and its coming straight from my mouth and NO PICS. The technology era is dangerous. Nothing is sacred anymore. I just feel like Myspace is the trailer park of online networking and Face Book has a little more credibility. It depends on the person I suppose. I am speaking in very general terms because there are many people who use myspace to share pics of their kids and real life important rated G events with people who live far away. And that is perfectly fine. My beef is with the KIDS, have you ever seen that movie? You should.

My 2cents ...if you wanna live vicariously through people, turn to blogs and save ur dignity. I absolutely love reading blogs!

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