Sunday, August 24, 2008

Peeping Tom X two

Last night I went to Hollywood Forever Cemetery to watch a movie put on by a company called Cinespia. Its a very yuppie thing to do but I love it. Thousands of L.A. hipsters get together with Trader Joe's finest fare to drink wine listen to electronic music and lounge on the lush green grass in front of the mausoleum. Sound creepy? It is a lot of fun and only costs $10. They always show the classics and last night was Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window with James Stewart and Grace Kelly.

The whole movie takes place in James' apt. It s about him being stuck in a wheelchair at home due to a broken leg. He is so bored that he becomes obsessed with watching his neighbors across the way. The apartments and the neighborhood are very reminiscent of my own. James witnesses one of his neighbors doing things that lead him to believe that the man killed his wife. Anyway it was a great movie.

On my way home I started to think about my apartment. I live downstairs and my window faces the parking lot of the building next to me. I live in a very historical neighborhood with all 1920 style buildings. (its very pretty) I thought I wonder how many people look in my windows all day long and see everything I'm doing. Since I am pretty careless about closing them its a big possibility that they have seen more than they care to. But so far I haven't been creeped out UNTIL LAST NIGHT!!

Around midnight Im sitting up studying and I hear someone say, "Miss....Miss...hello Miss." It startles me so I say WHAT very rudely. WTF calling in my window! He barely speaks English and begins to tell me excitedly how a cat had kittens in the parking lot and I should feed them. I WAS SO PISSED. FUCKIN WEIRDO. After about 5 minutes of me trying to understand why he thinks this is my responsibility I tell him, "I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS I'M TRYING TO STUDY, I CAN'T HELP THEM ANY MORE THAN YOU CAN, CALL THE FREAKIN HUMANE SOCIETY." So I grab a beer and decide to go to bed.

Then I am woken up again this time at 2am. Someone is calling my NAME through my window right by my head. It's the long lost neighbor who fell off the face of the earth. He used to be a party friend of mine but I didn't really give a rats ass about him. So when he disappeared I didn't even care. He goes on and on about how he meant to leave for a week but ended up gone for the whole summer. I explain to him that I'm sleeping and have to get up early. He just doesn't get it so I decide to ignore him and he stands there for another 15 minutes NO LIE yelling in my window for me to wake up. I am actually scared at this point and can't find my phone to call the police. He smelled like he had showered in Jack Daniels. He got really mad that i wouldn't respond and finally left.

I feel really weird now. I'm going to go get some heavy duty curtains and some pepper spray.

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