Sunday, September 7, 2008

I wont be looking forward to weekends

I had a moment yesterday. I was reading a case and I couldn't understand something in it and still don't. I was on hour 8 or so of studying and I kinda lost it. I got really angry and started thinking about how this hard work was going to be non stop for a long time. I wanted to throw the book out the window.

There are other reasons for my moodiness (girl problems). It all started in the morning, I drove to work (my favorite study spot) and had forgotten my keys. Had to drive all the way home. My house is a dirty shithole which makes me extremely unhappy. I just don't have time...none. I am choosing to sleep 8 hours instead of cutting out the sleep in order to get more normal chores done because I am useless when I am tired. So its either sleep and have a dirty house and dirty hair or don't sleep and be a zombie who cant concentrate but has a clean house.

This weeks contracts reading was frustrating. The case book we are using was purposely chosen so there is not a good supplement to aid in the reading. Thanks asshole. I bought the E&E and really liked it but that was an extra 3 hours of reading, just to understand where the fuck we are going with this. I think it has helped a lot. Contracts is like math to me. I have a weird mental block (bad attitude) I think i resent it because I hate not "getting" anything. Like the profs tell us over and over again...."You are not that student anymore, the one who does all the reading and is fully prepared."

Preparation and being fully prepared doesn't mean just briefing the cases anymore. It means understanding them and the hidden nuances and implications of them in today's world. I'm a fighter that's for sure so the plan for today is to do some good reading (Torts) get that done. Then back to contracts to try to dig for those nuances that I see but don't quite understand how they fit it.

I wish I had someone to call and talk to about this but my classmates are just not helpful. I might go talk to the T.A and explain this one situation. Here is the case if anyone wants to help me:

La Salle National Bank v. Vega
167 Ill. App. 3d 154

I don't understand why the bank is suing Vega in the original law suit.......


K said...

Oh how I wish I was taking contracts and could help you!

I feel your pain!

Anonymous said...

I'm taking contracts but we haven't had that one yet. I have the Knapp, Crystal, Prince contracts book (it's red) but it's really clear. Hm.

I also had the same dirty home problem. I finally cleaned on Friday and it was worth it, just for the reduced stress. I think cleaning the house is something you have to make time for.