Thursday, September 4, 2008

Week Three ...DONE

Alot of things have settled down. The level of anxiety I get before class has diminished substantially. I feel comfortable with my classmates and have seen just about every single one of them blow least twice. I'm not afraid of talking anymore. I am tired though. Endurance is def. my #1 weakness.

One thing that comes to mind frequently is that eventually I will have to downgrade my lifestyle. I.e. give up my cutesy lil L.A. apartment in my cutesy neighborhood. Possibly pick up a roommate closer to school and even think about not working. Which is completely not an option right now.

I am supposed to go to one of my very best friends birthday parties Sat. but in all honesty I am dreading it. I have hours and hours and hours of reading to do. I feel so torn. I need to go cuz i love him but I also need to go cuz i need to get out. I just don't want to. I want to be prepared and avoid the immense stress when I'm not completely prepared.

I am shocked at how many people in my classes are already slacking. There is one girl who has missed a class in each class, there are people who are not briefing all the cases and there are people who are reading right before class. I just don't get it. I guess maybe the level of commitment that I have is just different. Well this isnt really a very interesting post but man I just love blogging, it's such a stress reliever to me. Have a nice weekend kiddos!! and Study hard!

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