Wednesday, September 3, 2008


3 night of torts and I was ON-IT! Thank you so much Emanuel....that freakin commercial outline is amazing.

I do all my reading, briefing, and comprehending of the language in the torts then use Emanuel to #1 double check and #2 catch the nuances barely mentioned in the book-

Before class we were talking about the elements of Assault, of few of us, and I said....ok guys What does Apprehension mean? All of them said fear! So, I showed them my handy dandy flashcard and said is comprehension etc.

What do you know smarty pants next to me, my fake friend, gets called on and the prof asks her about the case and she keeps insisting fear was an element. So I casually slide my card to her side of the desk. She tries non chalantly to look--- but he catches her and tells me, "Move the card closer to her, she can't see it." Then he says, "What does Miss* card say?" She repeats it and I slink really, really, really, low in my chair. But inside I was saying...."Fuck you Contracts I got Torts." Who needs dodgeball--- I got golf...the solo game!

Good night!!

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