Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm Moving.......Officially

Well I wont be moving in with our friend Jeska the drunk rocker but.....Here's the deal.

There's this guy....my first boyfriend/first love blah blah, we were together for 3 years from 15 years old to 18. I broke up with him. Broke his heart..blah blah blah. Anyway, we kinda grew up together and have a million mutual friends and tight family ties. We broke up for about 8 years but kept in touch. Got back together for another year. I was planning the wedding in my head. He said he wanted to marry me...blah blah blah. He bought a condo (our condo i thought) we painted, bought furniture etc.

One dark and stormy night he decided he was over it and I caught him cheating. It came out of NO WHERE. Left field. I was completely shocked and subsequently heartbroken for months. Finally I pulled my head out of my ass and moved closer to school, L.A. Kicked ass in my last year of undergrad and just lived life. Well..............

Here we are 3 years later in touch again. This time ball is in my court but I'm not playing. He is going away for a lil vacation so to speak, for a year. He desperately needs someone to rent his condo. He doesnt want to put his furniture in storage etc. This condo just happens to be 1.6 miles from my school. Sooooooooooooooooooo. I agreed, today, to rent it. I'm nervous because I don't want him to get the wrong idea and think when he comes back we are going to have a happy lil family. Heres the list cuz you know i love lists:

  • super close to school (Im currently doing a 100 mile round trip 3 days a week)
  • wayyyy bigger than my apartment
  • fully furnished, nice condo with all the amenities
  • I have no parking
  • I live in a studio
  • I dont have anything
  • Washer and dryer
  • garage
  • and Ill save about $200 a month in rent not to mention gas etc.
  • More time to study, less time driving
  • My very best friends live nearby ( so in my down time I wont be trapped in L.A. all alone)
  • Im gonna miss LA so much
  • Im somehow still tied to the ex
  • can i bring boys here?
  • I'll have to move again in a year
  • Im probably going to break his heart again
  • I think my friends, family etc hate him and don't want me anywhere near him

Hmmm....no deal breakers on the cons side. Im doing it! Wish me luck! xoxo


DINKS said...

that certainly is an interesting conundrum my furry little friend! while the cons are pretty crazy, so is life. and i have a feeling you thrive on it ;)

i salute you, and wish you luck on it all! but only if you keep posting about your life. i feel dirty sometimes just reading it. haha... that's a good thing.

JD-Maybe said...

If u feel dirty...than I doing my job...;)

Nichicakes said...

Dang I feel bad for homeless dude now!

I'm glad that your moving but sad that your going shit at least its in the same state ;)

You will have a much clearer head if you don't have all that commuting to do!

Nichicakes said...

Oh yeah and if you need help moving your stuff Im there for ya sista.
I know where a perfectly good truck lives and it could quite possibly come with a hubby to heft the big stuff.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Sounds like a surefire way to cause mischief and mayhem. I approve heartily.