Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Getting to know you....

Week 7 in law school. Things are moving along. There are only 6 girls in my class so we decided to do study group stuff this month. Finally! Shit. I was so stressed out about this when school first started. I realized quickly how unimportant it was at that point. Lemme tell you about these fine ladies.

1. My Fake Friend: shes ok probably the only one I could see myself being friends with in the "real world" she's distant, cold, competitive, ok looking somedays are better than others. The thing I like the best about her is that she thinks I am hilarous! Yay! Ive had her in tears which I love. My Contract law professor immitation is priceless and I did it in front of the whole class by accident.

2. The Woman--kids, husband, soccer lady very sweet and probably the only real genuine nice person. BUT she bathes in perfume. Peeeee U!

3. Fake lash girl--man this girl gets allllllllll dolled up for school fake lashes n all. She has a pretty voice tho. She isn't very friendly but I like that quality in a person. Means they are guarded which means they are smart.

4. Whoa nelly---this girl is about 400lbs, I went to highschool with her and she misses a lot of school but she is easy to be around has a good disposition and seems fairly intelligent

5. TMI girl--last night in a matter of 20 minutes I learned the following about her

  • She's a sex addict
  • She's an ex meth addict
  • She dated 3 guys at one time one of which broke her nose
  • She smokes Malboro reds (hard core)
  • She smells like moth balls
  • Her mom is dying of cancer (so sad)
  • She was accepted to a top tier school and chose my school instead (????)
  • She hates her dad

When people spill their gutts like that and say crazy shit I try to remain calm and pretend that I'm not screaming in my head. All I kept thinking was OMG I'm trapped with this girl for a long time. I hope she witholds any future confessions.

I guess I'm a bit of a hypocrit since I say whatever I want on here and random strangers read it but....I just don't think it's appropriate to tell someone you barely know that you want to fuck the brains out of the big fat contracts professor?!?

BTW, I also learned that a large majority of girls crush on their professors. Which is why all the advice you hear includes "Don't sleep with your professors" WOW! Come to think of it the adorable gay research teacher is kinda cute....;) Thats how I stay safe I just crush on gay guys.


DINKS said...

remember how i said your earlier post makes me feel dirty? i double it now ;)

btw, how come i like to comment on every single one of your posts now?

JD-Maybe said...

because ur a voyer and so am I...enjoy! ummm its like living vicariously through people...

Nichicakes said...

haha I totally has a crush on both of my chef/teachers (that were guys) the gay one and the not gay one...
It must be some weird adoration when someone shares their knowledge with you.