Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The 3Ls are hungry

Hungry for some fresh meat...i.e. 1Ls. So far the co mingling between the different years has been zero, from what I can tell anyway.

I got to school tonight in a complete daze. It's been years since I have been this distracted. I am having serious second thoughts about my decision to move to the "Condo." I have been known to pull out of situations like this at a moments notice. Definitely a good candidate for a runaway bride episode. I am deathly afraid that me moving in to his home, makes him think he is entitled to me. Which will be a huge and possibly messy problem. I just don't feel that way about him and its his own damn fault. I was all his at one time he fucked up and I don't forgive or forget shit like way jose. In fact, if anything, I still kinda secretly hate him.

My state of mind turned around quickly thank god.

School is starting to feel like my happy place. Where I can hide from life under a stack of case books. I've had one on one's with just about everyone of my classmates so I'm close to all of them. As close as you get in 7 weeks. And today the boys and girls weren't standing in different corners keeping to themselves. Today I think I like these people.

Then at break this "tall drink of water" was listening to me brag about the easy case I had to recite. This compelled him to speak to me. At which time he offered me "the best contracts outline in existence." He volunteered his email address, which I did not write down and said he would email it to me in exchange for a cup of coffee. So being the asshole that I am ...I said, "Awesome I think I have a quarter on me for the coffee machine upstairs..I'll be right back." He didn't like my answer but persisted anyway. It ended with me saying Id bring him a starbucks gift card with $2.00 on it for his "black coffee." he was cute tho... :(

That didn't stop my classmates from teasing me about it later. Whatever...I forgot the boy repellent today! But I needed a little lovin cuz I aint feelin so cute these days. Law school makes me feel frumpy. There is a certain kinda crazy that just can't be supressed at all times....boy crazy...I got my fill for the month now I'll go back to giving everyone dirty looks. (omg its only Oct 1st)

The housekeeper didnt come to the 'Condo' so I guess I'll go sweep or something. Then off to sleep to start all over again tomorrow.

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