Saturday, September 27, 2008


On my death bed the only thing I will ask myself is....Did I inspire anyone? Even just one person is good enough for me. That day in undergrad when my philosophy teacher said, "What is the purpose of your life." I spent days pondering it then I decided that nothing brings me more joy than to inspire people, so my purpose will be to lift people higher, help them realize their potential, and show them anything is possible by achieving my goals............If someone inspires you Tell Them!

So with that said I must bloggers inspire me. You bring out the creative side I didn't think I had, You make me want to save money, You make me want to exercise, You help me appreciate the struggles of motherhood even though i dont want kids, you help me understand your political views, and most importantly give me perspective when I need it so bad. When you write or draw, bake, complain, yell or just tell random funny stories, I feel what you are trying to convey and its fabulous!



Erik said...

Ha, glad to be of service, though I know you don't mean me. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I added you to my list of blawgs, for good or ill. :-D

Eva said...

Well as you already know, you have inspired me more than I know...M-Law has inspired me and taught me gargantuans