Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Law School REALLY is super funny...

As seen at Overheard in Law School and most recently and frequently in my new favorite blog. This guy probably thinks I'm stalking him....but man his posts are so funny. So like the good girl that I am---diligently working on my Torts outline I came across greatness in the form of: Good Ol' Emanuels. The very best hypotheticals that law school has to offer. I hope super funny guy doesn't mind me copying his idea just this once...Can't resist.

"Ron is a "responsible" rapist-- he never rapes anyone without wearing a condom, and he does not carry a weapon. One night, he attempts to rape Lorena, telling her that he'll be gentle and won't hurt her as long as she doesn't resist. He in fact uses no overt force as he puts on a condom and prepares to penetrate her (ok i added that part...lol) assault her. Loren decides, reasonably under the circumstances, that the least deadly way to prevent intercourse is to use a knife she has hidden in her purse; she does so, and castrates Ron. Ron sues Lorena for battery. She defends on grounds of self-defense, who wins?" Lorena Wins!!

At the risk of annoying the hell out of everyone...I will save this for a once a week treat. As I study I will wait and save the very best of each week to share. This is for my non law school friends who are utterly amazed at how ridiculous the hypos, students, and professors are...ENJOY...k back to work, later!


Anonymous said...

Wow, our hypos are never THAT bad.

Is that a hypo based on a real case?

Law Ingenue said...

Okay, you just make me spit out my pop with "Ron is a responsible rapist."

Gotta love law school hypos!