Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Prof Contracts took my soul today

I am empty, drained, lifeless, numb and dumb! He sucked me dry. Maybe I'm tired....maybe thats why they say.......balance...you need balance.

How the hell are they going to say balance and 27+ hours of studying (pt program) on top of ur regular job, in one sentence. And how the hell do u sleep when you have his voice haunting u all night. contracts, contracts, contracts, memorize the restatement.....restatement SECOND Miss *, shit sorry, yes SECOND.

I am the #1 douchebag. All the profs love love LOVE to call on me. LOVE IT. WHYYYY! My classmates laugh during break, as they taunt me...Miss * , what do u think? Miss *, YOU are wrong Miss *! and the torment goes on all night until I am dead inside.

Told u I was a drama queen! ;) But really Im EXHAUSTED and really I do get unfairly picked on. At least someone picks me since I still haven't been picked for a dodge ball team. Prob. my ridiculous answers in class turned them OFF! Bastards!!

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Attractive Nuisance said...

Aww! That sucks! They are obviously assholes, and I'm sure they wouldn't do any better.