Thursday, October 16, 2008

Contracts Guru & Networking

Today I met with "the man" of contracts from last year. Strange lil guy I tell ya. What did I learn:

1. He is very special
2. He is very smart and good at every subject
3. He is mormon
4. He lives with his parents and his wife
5. He has a conspiracy theory about Obama not being a natural born resident of the US which could bankrupt the entire Democratic party. (negligence, fraud, etc.)
6. Florists are required to do more hours of training than lawyers (which is irrational)
7. He is on law review
8. He doesnt cuss...(oops I dropped about ten million F* bombs)
9. According to him I look good for my age :(

On my way out.........I run into special library boy/2L. He joins me for lunch. Hmmmm. Ok fine. Then I have to listen to allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll these wonderful people I MUST meet. Because networking is half the battle. As he chokes down his roast beef sandwich making a mess of himself. Now I'm afraid to go to the library cuz I know he will grab me for a meet n' greet. Think I'm kidding? Well I'm not and he did. I thought I snuck past him but noooooo he catches me in the computer lab and introduces me to the gal he thinks should be my new roommate, should I decide to move closer to school. She so happens to be this gorgeous lil Israeli girl who looks just as uncomfortable as me. Whatever, we talk for a sec. and go our separate ways.

So today I made 3 new friends. Then in class (legal research) Professor Twitchy is just not able to hold my attention so I start studying for contracts. While I am doing this I am getting text messages from the boy to my left and behind me and lil wads of paper being shot at my head by the guy directly behind me. GOOD TIMES! When grown ups socialize it can be strange.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo, look who's popular! :-D

JD-Maybe said...

I'm a weirdo magnet...