Friday, October 31, 2008


I'm staying home tonight...Im studying. My co workers brought me the most beautiful flowers ever today :) and breakfast! I cleaned the shithole since I will have a house full tomorrow of pre-gamers. I HAVE to be good tomorrow. I invited 3 boys that I "see" so that will be funny..hehe! I know I know why bring sand to the beach...well cuz I can.

Anyway last night was torturous. I ditched class. So all the sudden email after email starts coming in...Turns out my LAW professor decided to use MY memo as an example. He pointed out all the things I did wrong and read it to the entire class. Awesome.

My classmates were emailing me play by plays it was mortifying. I did find it funny that they all reported to me immediately. LOL! They kept trying to make me feel was great. Thats what I get for ditching.

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