Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dear friends,

As you know there is little of interest about me these days. With that said I would like to let you know that if you read my blog and then see me in person or speak to me on the phone you will likely get a rerun. Since I naturally repeat myself anyway you are really screwed. So just be brave and tell me to STFU cuz you are sick of that story. No offense will be taken but you better show up with a lot of stories or it will be one quiet evening.

Thanks for caring xoxo

p.s. good tip for preparing to mingle with strangers....just go on MSN homepage read all the articles, go to your newspaper of choice refresh your memory about current events, look up a recipe or two, read a few movie reviews, some celebrity gossip and you will be the belle of the ball or your money back! It has never failed me. I'm not a fan of the awkward silence. If I'm quiet something is terribly wrong with me.

1 comment:

DINKS said...

it's a shame there's no chance of running into you this weekend...i like telling people to STFU (that's a lie).

i'm kinda-sorta in the same boat as you, but not in terms of my blog or anything. more like i forget everything i just said 30 mins ago, and thus repeat myself all over again as if it's nice and fresh. people tend to get a little annoyed by that ;)