Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hump Day--UnImportant Random stuff

I usually spend Tues-Thurs in the City where my school is, mooching off my friends. That gets old real quick. Living out of my bags and sleeping away from my kitties. This week I stayed home and since class was rescheduled this week I have today totally off. I was going to go to work today and get in a few hours but I overdosed on cold meds last night and was in a coma all day. I just woke up at like 2pm. I will justify that by saying many many moons ago my friends therapist said, "If you are tired........sleep." So that's what I did.

I thought I heard someone knocking on my door but I ignored it. When I woke up I opened the door to see if anyone left a note. There was a package from my mom. Inside was a gigantisourus opal ring and some silver earrings for my bday. I don't like opal but I don't have any jewelry either so I'm wearing it--for now anyway. I'm old so opal is appropriate now. She usually doesn't even acknowledge me so now I have the guilts. I talked to my brother and told him that she gave me a necklace for xmas and I lost it. He told me it was real diamonds and now I feel bad. I have NO clue what happened to it and never thought about it since.

I did what every good daughter does and emailed her a thank you note. (ha!) Whatever. Then I decided to nail sheets over all my windows so it would be dark in my house. Vacuumed the cheeze its off the floor. My ferocious kitty loves cheeze its and flaming hot cheetos and coffee. Only problem is he leaves a huge mess. Oh and I'm listening to KOST. I forgot about this station until yesterday. I am not kidding I haven't listened to it in YEARS and back then it was probably not by choice. Two things are happening....I am losing my mind and I am adjusting to my new status as a 30 something. I haven't been to the gym in at least a month and I find myself obsessing over face creams. This is a girl who used to sleep with her makeup on.... Ok I gotta go do something....I don't know what but I hope it doesn't include overdosing on tootsie rolls.



Nichicakes said...

KOST, opals and face cream obsession = old

Hell are you going to start driving 25mph everywhere? If so look in your rear view mirror and wave to me cuz I always get stuck behind those geezers!

Oh but wait the opals are your birthstone eh... same as my grandma... nuff said.

JD-Maybe said...

What a pal! Can you make me some super soft granny cookies since I should be losing my teeth anyday now?

DINKS said...

i just turned down happy hour tonight in return for sweatpants and blog reading...and to think i'm not even 29 yet.