Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Contracts, Consideration, and Profanity <3

Is it a full moon? Everyone was in strange form tonight but much to my amusement. Thanks for being nuts everyone!

All courtesy of my crazy Contracts Professor.

No water for you sucker...(Reed v. Nodak)

"What consideration do you get when you run a race? I dunno...a tshirt, a sticker, a waterbottle...oh wait no water for you."

"What do you do when the attorney calls you and says AHA!! we have a waiver...you look him in the eye and say I dont give a fuck about your waiver there was no contract to begin with. Oh shit excuse the F-bomb"

Kirksey v. Kirksey

"And the brother in law says get off of my land you ungrateful BIOTCH"

"The beginning of the letter from the brother in law says, you have had hard times... READ between the lines folks he means he is sorry she married his useless brother."

"The brother in law says, I want to see you so bad that I can't" Well "You should quit smoking pot too."

"Why did the brother in law kick his poor widowed sister in law to the forest?"

Student: "Probably cuz she wasn't putting out."

Schnell v. Nell

"So the old lady leaves you a napkin, a broach, a necklace...some tools, see I am not sexist I said tools!"

"How can you tell the difference between a condition on a promise and consideration? Ok so say there is this guy who walks like a spaz and you want to show your friends so you say HEY guy walk across the street and Ill give you ten bucks, this is consideration because the benefit you receive is a sadistic pursuit of happiness."

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