Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today is a good day

I am ditching school tonight. I tried to ditch last night but my torts mentor guy caught me and didn't even give me an optional guilt trip, it was more like "You have to go to class there is no excuse not to." What I have accomplished so far: an 85% effort at the first draft of my memo and I turned it in. It was due tonight. A practice outline and answer for another torts hypo-emailed to professor for review. And now I will get on my reading and finish torts. Tomorrow I will finish contracts and be free as a bird to party it up Sat. night for my big Dirty Thirty celebration. My friends are so excited and I did the best thing I could have done for myself: completely blocked it out. Every once in a while I imagine me and my lil nugget dancing to Whatever you like by T.I. but for the most part I haven't even worried about what I will wear. To prove it I scarfed a huge candy bar today.

In the mail....the gifts are coming in and let me tell you I am stoked!! I received the most delicious box of goodies from my friend who is a very talented pastry chef. Cranberry Almond biscotti, need I say more. Thank you darling my hips are expanding just looking at them. But don't you worry that will NOT stop me from eating them ALL by myself. I also received a DVD called Alfred Hitchcock The Legend Begins....ooooohhhhh I can't wait! That's not all....same friend sent me Justice Scalia's book Making your case. Does it get any better than that? NOPE!

Tonight I will take advantage of the pressure free time I have to read my cases and thoroughly brief them so that next week I won't be beating myself up over going out on Sat.

ahhhh...I feel great :) a lil old but still good!

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