Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Five Stages of Death I mean Law School

Denial: I am a superstar ...awesome grades in undergrad and I will ACE law school!

Anger: THEY LIED TO ME! Balance!? What the fuck is this shit! Who are these people! I hate IT and I hate THEM. Why are there so many trampy chicks and sleezy guys? I thought this was a professional school?

Bargaining: Ok, lets be friends even though you stink-I'll just wear more perfume, you twitch-I'll twitch too, you are weird and you are SMARTER than me. If you scratch my back I'll scratch yours. Lets do study groups- I'll do all the work, lets share everything or let me share everything with you since you haven't done shit. Dear God, If you help me get through this I swear I'll shower and donate 15% of my income to some fraudulent establishment (church) called Holy whatever or another....

Depression: The library walls are closing in on me. The circles under my eyes have aged me by ten years, and study groups don't help!, Supplements don't help, I have spent so much money, wasted so much money... All I do is read, I'm learning nothing, If I hear about one more railroad accident or mental disorder created by a car accident I'll hang myself. I hate my life, I just want to sleep.....Is Walmart hiring?

Acceptance: They are not so bad. No I wont Ace this. Time for non stop studying, who cares if my cell minutes went from overages to non use. Who cares if I don't shower, who cares if I eat chips and cookies for breakfast, It doesn't matter that I no longer know how to relate to normal human beings. Everything will eventually be ok....hopefully.

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