Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday List

My job is awesome because:

1. I work from home 2 days a week
2. I have two monitors
3. I have a huge office with a huge window overlooking the City
4. I have a huge desk
5. I do what i want ...when i want
6. My co-workers are THE best in the entire world (hands down)
7. My boss encourages hours of intellectual discussion/debates (on his time)
8. I get paid very well
9. My boss trusts me
10. We can work any hours we want as long as we do our time.
11. We can wear whatever we want

I can go on...but I swore Id stay focused today...Lots to do ...not enought time. Thanks for the idea JMoney....

Your turn M-Law ladies...I know ur reading this ;)


Eva said...

Hahaha...oh you know it!
GOOD job! Positive thoughts lead to positive action!
The days are coming to an end slowly but surely...lets hang on to these precious moments!! Ok Im hungry again..oh ya n i love u toooo :D

DINKS said...

HOT DAMN now that's some good work lovin'! Finally glad to hear someone else gets some mad perks ;)

Glad you're getting treated right over there, i sure as hell wouldn't wanna be on YOUR bad side!