Friday, November 14, 2008

Got some Cheese to go with that Wine?

As a matter of fact I do not but I sure wish I did...Contracts makes me so hungry....or maybe that is boredom? Tomorrow is practice exam #200 for contracts. I am almost done with my outline and to cope-- I have resorted to drinking. Maybe not too conducive to a coherent outline but we will soon find out. God, is it over yet?

Tomorrow I get to go see the lil' blue house that stole my heart. It is a two bedroom old craftsmen house with a beautiful backyard, hardwood floors and windows everywhere. I am so excited--the rent is right up my alley and it is one block away from school. Not the best neighborhood but this particular street looks just fine. Plus, I am already madly in love with the lil' blue house. I sure hope they like me so I can have it.

Ok, I'm gonna crack open another bottle of wine since i drank my last beer. And keep plugging away all by myself--me and my newly acquired big belly and my contracts book tearing it up on this lovely Friday night.

I wonder if guys eat more when they are stressed out? I consumed a small salad for lunch, nothing for breakfast, 8 Oreo cookies a lean cuisine, a beer, a glass of wine and going on another all today and pretty much sat on my ass all day too. Maybe that doesn't sound like a ton of food but I do not ever consume that many cookies in one day (except the time I ate an entire box of thin mints) and I really don't have a huge appetite in general. I guess school makes me hungry..righhhht.

Maybe I should have opted for coffee tonight instead of booze? Oh well that pretty lil' blue house will keep me happy for now.

Have a great weekend--xoxo

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